For our school-level competition, you must memorize two poems.
If you advance to the regional-level competition and beyond, you must memorize three poems.
For the competitions beyond the school-level, students must select one poem of 25 lines or fewer and one poem written before the 20th century.

You must choose your poems from this online anthology:

Please submit the Poem Selection Form listed below by Friday, October 9, 2015 stating the two poems you will be reciting.

Participants: You should review the "Evaluation Criteria and Tips for Contestants" listed below.
One judge will use the "Accuracy Score Sheet" listed below while the other judges will use the "Contest Evaluation Sheet."

Before students begin reciting their poems, they must identify the poem by accurately announcing both the title and the author. (For example, “‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree,’ by William Butler Yeats” or “‘The New Colossus,’ by Emma Lazarus.”) A student’s own editorial comments before or after the poem are not allowed. Recitations must include epigraphs if included in the Poetry Out Loud anthology.