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Materials- English I 2013-2014

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00. General Items ePortfolio 01. Creation Instructions  
00. General Items ePortfolio 02. Video tutorial  
00. General Items ePortfolio 03. Scoring Rubric  
00. General Items ePortfolio 04. Sample site  
00. General Items Literary Terms (definitions) Glossary of Literary Terms- M. H. Abrams  
00. General Items Literary terms list pdf file (for use in Notability app) Word document (for Microsoft) 
00. General Items Mid-year Project Oral Presentation Rubric  
00. General Items Mid-year Project Venn Diagram Rubric  
00. General Items Mid-Year Project Project description and due dates  
00. General Items Mid-Year Project Rubric for Outline  
00. General Items Mid-Year Project Venn Diagram Template  
01. Writing Characterization Indirect Characterization  
01. Writing Intro-Body-Conclusion Writing overview  
01. Writing MLA Citations Brief MLA Guide to Citations  
01. Writing MLA Citations Purdue OWL link  
01. Writing MLA Formatting MLA General Formatting  
01. Writing Post-writing Reflection worksheet  
01. Writing Pre-writing Strategies Purdue OWL link  
01. Writing Pronoun Reference Pronoun reference review  
01. Writing "To Be" Verbs Worksheet  
02. The Novel To Kill a Mockingbird Essay topic and steps  
02. The Novel To Kill a Mockingbird Jane Smiley from 13 Ways to Look at the Novel  
02. The Novel To Kill a Mockingbird Research assignment  
02. The Novel To Kill a Mockingbird Scavenger Hunt (Library activity)  
02. The Novel To Kill a Mockingbird Thomas Foster- "Walk a Mile in My Shoes"  
02. The Novel To Kill a Mockingbird Writing Assignment: Favorite Passage  
03. The Short Story "A Good Man is Hard to Find" Link to short video on Flannery O'Connor  
03. The Short Story Literary Analysis Essay Assignment description  
03. The Short Story Literary Analysis Essay Note Chart  
03. The Short Story Literary Analysis Essay Rubric  
03. The Short Story "The White Circle" Questions  
04. Film  Research Assignment AFI 100 Years... Wikipedia link AFI site link 
04. Film Research Assignment Assignment Overview  
04. Film  Research Assignment Bishop Feehan LibGuide  
04. Film Research Assignment Film Summary Checklist  
04. Film Research Assignment Permission Slip for R-Rated film  
05. Drama Romeo and Juliet Character chart  
05. Drama Romeo and Juliet Film Comparison Chart  
05. Drama Romeo and Juliet Literary terms (drama)  
05. Drama Romeo and Juliet Memorization Assignment  
05. Drama Romeo and Juliet Shakespearean Elements  
05. Drama Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare- Brief biography  
05. Drama Romeo and Juliet The Globe Theater  
06. Poetry Introduction Poetic terms  
06. Poetry Introduction Reading the Poem  
06. Poetry Introduction Reading the Poem- PRACTICE  
06. Poetry Introduction "Sounds of Silence" -- Simon & Garfunkel Audio (mp3) of "Sounds of Silence" 
06. Poetry Introduction What is poetry?  
06. Poetry Writing Assignment Original poetry and Reflection  
07. The Epic The Odyssey Characteristics of the epic  
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