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Writing- English III

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00a. Writing Instruction Presentation: Mechanics of Good Writing 
00b. Writing Instruction Checklist: Mechanics of Good Writing 
00c. Writing Instruction Literary Analysis: Intro-Body-Conclusion 
00d. Writing Instruction William Zinsser on conciseness 
00e. Writing Instruction Active and Passive Voice 
00f. Writing Instruction Eliminating "To be" verbs 
00g. Writing Instruction Grammar Bytes - Online grammar instruction and exercises 
01a. New SAT Essay Overview 
01b. New SAT Essay Link: CollegeBoard Sample Essays and Responses 
02a. Rhetorical Analysis Tips for Rhetorical Writing 
02b. Rhetorical Analysis Rhetorical Triangle 
02c. Rhetorical Analysis SOAPStone chart 
02d. Rhetorical Analysis Practice text- Letter from Selznick to Hays 
03. College Essay The College Essay- Comp & Lit 
Showing 14 items