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Poetry Roundtable- English III

Each of you will choose a poem from the list linked below. You will then lead an informal roundtable discussion on the poem you have selected. In preparation for the discussion, you should read the poem several times (certainly no fewer than ten times) and thoroughly annotate the poem. You’ll want to lead us to an understanding of the poem: what the poem is “about” and, more importantly, how it “works.” You are welcome to research scholarly criticism, but be sure to cite any sources you may have consulted.

The Poems:
Research Databases: Bloom's Literary Reference Online may be your best choice.  Username: feehan   Password: shamrock1415

Annotating Poetry:
Overview of Annotations
Student Explication Examples
Poetic Terms

1) Poem annotations: You will annotate poems each night in preparation for the discussions. You must submit your annotations in Google Classroom before class in order to received credit. See the links above for more information about poetry annotations.
2) Discussion leader: This rubric will be used to assess your role as the discussion leader.
3) Discussion participantThis rubric will be used to assess your role as a discussion participant.
4) Claims Journal entry: You will write an entry on the poem that you presented in your Claims Journal. Due date TBA