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The Monster Within: Literary Beasts and Madmen


 Genre Title Author Literary Period Link
 Novel Lord of the Flies William Golding Modern amazon.com
 Novel Grendel (excerpts)  John Gardner  Modern  text
 Epic Beowulf  (excerpts) Seamus Heaney (trans.) Anglo-Saxon text
 Drama Macbeth Shakespeare Renaissance Macbeth page
 Film Macbeth (clips) Polanski; Wright; Goold  Macbeth on film
 Poem "Jabberwocky" Lewis Carroll Victorian text
 Poem "The Kraken" Alfred Lord Tennyson Victorian text
 Poem "Porphyria's Lover"
 Robert Browning Victorian text
 Article "Jack the Ripper Revisited" Thomas K. Grose Victorian Time Magazine

Essential Questions:
What is a monster?
Are monsters created or are they born?
How can we define “madness”?
What makes an individual powerful?
How does individual power change in relationships with others?
Do individuals control groups, or do groups control individuals?
How does a society maintain order? Are laws necessary?
How do fear and desire for acceptance influence human behavior?