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Blog Assignments- Macbeth

Creating a blog using Blogger (iPad instructions)
  1. Sign into your Google account using your school-assignment email (@bfhs.dfrcs.org).
  2. Tap on the drop down menu under More in the top left corner
  3. Tap on Blogger
  4. Tap on New Blog button
  5. Type in a Title for your blog
  6. Type in an Address
  7. Select a Template
  8. Tap on Create blog!
  9. On the dashboard, tap Start blogging! or the pencil icon to start blogging.
Please note: I create all my blog posts on my laptop, so I don’t know how functional Blogger is on the iPad.
You can also download the Blogger app from the App Store. I've never used this app so again, I’m not sure how user-friendly it is.

Your blog will be assessed using this rubric. Please read it! Check the syllabus page for due dates.

Assignment #1: 
Do you believe in fate, luck, karma, intuition, or some other form of "mystical" intervention? Psychic powers? Ghosts? Has there ever been a time in your life when someone told you that something improbable would happen and it did? 

Assignment #2:
Imagine that you are going to direct a new film production of Macbeth. How would you choose to film the opening scene with the three witches? What tone would you try to strike with the scene? Be very specific: Think location, costume, time of day, lighting, sounds, camera position and movement (closeups? high angle? quick cuts?), pacing, casting, etc. 

Assignment #3:
Have you ever faced a situation in which you wanted something from someone but realized it would be best to pursue it indirectly rather than asking for it outright? If not, imagine such a situation. Describe your indirect approach for getting what you wanted or write a dialogue between two characters in which one person attempts to get something from another person in an indirect manner.

Assignment #4:
 Free response: Now that we've finished the first act of Macbeth, you are free to write anything you'd like about the play. The challenge here is to come up with a topic that is interesting and pertinent.

Assignment #5:
As we enter into the final act of the play, consider Macbeth's position. Is his fate sealed at this point or could he possibly extricate himself from his current situation? What was the "point of no return," the point at which Macbeth's tragic decline begins? And is he worthy of any sympathy?

Assignment #6:  DUE Friday for both Periods C & G
Free response: We've finished the play! Say something smart, clever, or profound about the play. How did you react to it? If this is your second time reading the play, what has changed?