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This Land is Your Land: Discovering our American Identity

 GenreTitleAuthorLiterary Period  LinkAdditional Link 
 Novel Of Mice and Men (1937) John Steinbeck     Modernism text 1992 film
 Novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1943) Betty Smith Modernism amazon 1945 film
 Drama Twelve Angry Men (1955) Reginald Rose Modernism text 1957 film
 Drama Fences (1986)  August Wilson  Contemporary text 2016 film
 Stories selections by American Indian tribes  Modoc, Onondaga  The Beginnings texts 
 Short Stories Interpreter of Maladies (1999)  Jhumpa Lahiri  Contemporary text 
 Poetry "I Hear America Singing" (1860)  Walt Whitman  Transcendentalism  text 
 Poetry "Chicago" (1914) Carl Sandburg  Modernism  text 
 Poetry selections from Robert Frost      Robert Frost  Modernism  texts 
 Speech Speech to the Second Virginia Convention (1775) Patrick Henry  Federalist  text 
 Document Declaration of Independence (1776)  Thomas Jefferson  Federalist  text link
 Speech Speech to the Constitutional Convention (1787) Benjamin Franklin  Federalist  text 
 Speech The Gettysburg Address (1863) Abraham Lincoln   text 
 Speech Lincoln's Second Inaugural (1865) Abraham Lincoln   text 
 Song "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" (1831) Samuel F. Smith  text 
 Song "America the Beautiful" (1910) Katherine Lee Bates   text 
 Song "God Bless America" (1918, 1938) Irving Berlin   text 
 Song "The Land is Your Land" (1944) Woody Guthrie   text 

Essential Questions
When you think of the word “America,” what immediately comes to mind?
What are some symbols of America that come to mind?
What does it mean to be an American?
What are American values? Have they changed over time?
Is there one America?
Who gets to be an American?
Can you think of any essential questions?

Of Mice and Men: