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Agenda- English II, Period A (2018-2019)

Week 30: Monday, April 8, 2019 - Friday, April 12, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  D    Kindred: The Rope and Epilogue (pp 240-264)
 Tuesday  Kindred
 Wednesday  DROP DAY
 Thursday  A    Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Ch I-VI (pp 1-22)    Audio book
 Friday  Huck Finn, Ch VII-XVI (pp 22-72)

Week 29: Monday, April 1, 2019 - Friday, April 5, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  A    Kindred: The Fall Ch 5-8, The Fight Ch 1-2 (pp 81-117)
 Tuesday    Kindred: The Fight Ch 3-9 (pp 117-154)
 Wednesday  Kindred: The Fight Ch 10-16 (pp 154-188)
 Thursday  F    Kindred: The Storm Ch 1-6 (pp 189-217)
 Friday  Kindred: The Storm Ch 7-13 (pp 217-239)  END OF QUARTER 3

Week 28: Monday, March 25, 2019 - Friday, March 29, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  E    Conclude Fences  REMEMBER YOUR VOCAB QUIZZES!
 Tuesday  Octavia Butler's Kindred:  Prologue; The River; The Fire (pp 9-51)
 Wednesday  Kindred: The Fall Ch 1-4 (pp 52-81)
 Thursday  B    DROP DAY
 Friday    NO SCHOOL - Faculty Retreat 

Week 27: Monday, March 18, 2019 - Friday, March 22, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  B    DROP DAY
 Tuesday  A    August Wilson's FencesREMEMBER YOUR VOCAB QUIZZES!
 Wednesday    Fences
 Thursday  G    Fences
 Friday  Fences

Week 26: Monday, March 11, 2019 - Friday, March 15, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  F    Interpreter of Maladies; Homework: "This Blessed House"
 Tuesday  E    Interpreter of Maladies; Homework: "The Third and Final Continent"
 Wednesday D  Interpreter of Maladies
 Thursday  C    Introduction to August Wilson; Homework: For Tuesday, watch this documentary on August Wilson (42 minutes)
 Friday    NO SCHOOL - Professional Day

Week 25: Monday, March 4, 2019 - Friday, March 8, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  C    SNOW DAY
 Tuesday        John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men; Homework: Jhumpa Lahiri's "A Temporary Matter" from Interpreter of Maladies
 Wednesday B  DROP DAY
 Thursday  A    Of Mice and Men; Interpreter of Maladies; Homework: Lahiri's "When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine" from Interpreter of Maladies
 Friday  Interpreter of Maladies; Homework: Lahiri's "Interpreter of Maladies" and "Sexy" from Interpreter of Maladies

Week 24: Monday, February 25, 2019 - Friday, March 1, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  A    ATGIB; Homework: Handwritten letter to Betty Smith (two pages)  ORDER REMAINING BOOKS (See Google Classroom)
 Tuesday   G     ATGIB: Homework: Claim paragraph on the novel (Due Thursday)
 Wednesday F  ATGIB
 Thursday  E    Due: Claim paragraphATGIB; For Monday, read John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men (75 pp)
 Friday  NO CLASS - Early Dismissal

Week 23: Monday, February 11, 2019 - Friday, February 15, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  F    ATGIB, Ch 35-37
 Tuesday   E     ATGIB, Ch 38-39
 Wednesday D  ATGIB, Ch 40-42
 Thursday  C    ATGIB, Ch 43-56
 Friday  DROP DAY

Week 22: Monday, February 4, 2019 - Friday, February 8, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  C    ATGIB, Ch 15-19
 Tuesday   B     DROP DAY
 Wednesday    ATGIB, Ch 20-24
 Thursday  A    ATGIB, Ch 25-28
 Friday  ATGIB, Ch 29-34

Week 21: Monday, January 28, 2019 - Friday, February 1, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  A    Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Ch 1-2
 Tuesday   G     ATGIB, Ch 3-6 
 Wednesday  NO CLASS - Catholic School Week Mass
 Thursday  E    ATGIB, Ch 7-14 
Friday  NO CLASS - Feehan's Got Talent

Week 20: Monday, January 21, 2019 - Friday, January 25, 2019
You need a copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for Monday, January 28 
 Date    Agenda

Week 19: Monday, January 14, 2019 - Friday, January 18, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  D    Conclude Gatsby; Nathaniel Hawthorne's ""The Minister's Black Veil"
 Tuesday   C     Discuss "The Minister's Black Veil"; Read Bret Harte's "The Outcasts of Poker Flat"
 Wednesday  DROP DAY
 Thursday  A    Discuss "The Outcasts of Poker Flat"

Week 18: Monday, January 7, 2019 - Friday, January 11, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  B    DROP DAY
 Tuesday   A     Writing; Homework: Complete activities on prepositions for tomorrow's class;
Claims paragraph on Gatsby due by the beginning of class on Thursday
 Wednesday  Writing
 Thursday  F    DUE: Claims Paragraph on Gatsby
 Friday  TBD

Week 17: Monday, December 31, 2018 - Friday, January 4, 2019
 Date    Agenda
 Monday      NO SCHOOL - Vacation
 Tuesday        NO SCHOOL - Vacation
 Wednesday  Writing
 Thursday  D    Writing
 Friday  QUIZ: Writing (See Google Classroom);  HOMEWORK: Finish rewriting your body paragraph

Week 16: Monday, December 17, 2018 - Friday, December 21, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  C    The Great Gatsby, Ch 7 (pp 113-145)
 Tuesday   B     DROP DAY
 Wednesday  The Great Gatsby, Ch 8-9 (pp 147-180)
 Thursday  G    Discuss The Great Gatsby
 Friday  NO SCHOOL - Bishop's Day    HAVE A RELAXING BREAK!

Week 15: Monday, December 10, 2018 - Friday, December 14, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  A    F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, Ch 1 (pp 1-21)
 Tuesday   G     The Great Gatsby, Ch 2-3 (pp 23-59)
 Wednesday  NO CLASS - Mass
 Thursday  E    The Great Gatsby, Ch 4 (pp 61-80)
 Friday  D   The Great Gatsby, Ch 5-6 (pp 81-111)

Week 14: Monday, December 3, 2018 - Friday, December 7, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  E    Dickinson (continued); Passing, Part Two: Re-encounter (pp 211-241)
 Tuesday      Passing, Part Three: Finale (pp 245-275)
 Wednesday  D   Discuss Passing; Homework: Read Part 2- Assumption of Whiteness... of this critical essay
 Thursday  C   PassingHomework: Watch second and third episodes of The Loving Generation
 Friday  B   DROP DAY

Week 13: Monday, November 26, 2018 - Friday, November 30, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  B    DROP DAY
 Tuesday  A    Emily Dickinson
 Wednesday    NO CLASS - Early Dismissal
 Thursday  G   Dickinson (continued); Nella Larsen's Passing, Part One: Encounter, Ch 1-2 (pp 171-193)
 Friday  F   Dickinson (continued); Passing, Part One: Encounter, Ch 3-4 (pp 193-208)

Week 12: Monday, November 19, 2018 - Friday, November 23, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  D    Whitman; Summer, Ch 17-18
 Tuesday  C    Summer
 Wednesday    Summer
 Thursday    NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
 Friday    NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break

Week 11: Monday, November 12, 2018 - Friday, November 16, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday     NO SCHOOL - Veterans Day
 Tuesday  DUE: Station Eleven/The Crucible Essay; William Cullen Bryant's "Thanatopsis"; Summer, Ch 7-8
 Wednesday G  NO CLASS - Sophomore Retreat; Homework: Summer, Ch 9-11
 Thursday F  Walt Whitman; Summer, Ch 12-14
 Friday E  Whitman (continued); Summer, Ch 15-16

Week 10: Monday, November 5, 2018 - Friday, November 9, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  D   Discuss The Crucible; Introduction and two body paragraphs of Station Eleven/Crucible essay due Wednesday
 Tuesday    NO SCHOOL - Diocesan Professional Day
 Wednesday C  DUE: Intro & two body paragraphs of essay; Edith Wharton's Summer, Ch 1-3; Critical analysis essay due Tuesday
 Thursday    Anne Bradstreet; Homework: Summer, Ch 4-6
 Friday B  DROP DAY

Week 9: Monday, October 29, 2018 - Friday, November 2, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  B   DROP DAY
 Tuesday A  Arthur Miller's The Crucible
 Wednesday G  The Crucible
 Thursday F  The Crucible
 Friday E  The Crucible; Homework: Watch In Search of History: The Salem Witch Trials    LAST DAY OF QUARTER ONE

Week 8: Monday, October 22, 2018 - Friday, October 26, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday  F   Discuss Station Eleven; HW: Rate the book and write a one sentence review on Goodreads
 Tuesday E  Sticky note activity; HW: Thesis statement (Google Classroom)
 Wednesday    NO CLASS - Early Dismissal
 Thursday D  Structuring a literary analysis essay
 Friday C  Introduction to Arthur Miller and The Crucible

Week 7: Monday, October 15, 2018 - Friday, October 19, 2018
 Date    Agenda
 Monday D   Station Eleven- Part 7, Chapters 42-43 (pp 231-257)
 Tuesday C  Station Eleven- Part 7, Chapters 44-47 (pp 258-280)
 Wednesday B  DROP DAY    Neil Swidey at BCC 7:00-9:00
 Thursday A  Station Eleven- Part 8, Chapters 48-52 (pp 283-313)
 Friday G  Station Eleven- Part 9, Chapters 53-55 (pp 317-333)

Week 6: Monday, October 8, 2018 - Friday, October 12, 2018
 Date   Agenda
 Monday    NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day
 Tuesday G Station Eleven- Part 4, Chapters 19-26 (pp 119-164)
 Thursday F Station Eleven- Part 5, Chapters 27-37 (pp 167-196)
 Friday E Station Eleven- Part 6, Chapters 38-41 (pp 199-228)

Week 5: Monday, October 1, 2018 - Friday, October 5, 2018
 Date   Agenda
 Monday  D  Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven- Part 1, Chapters 1-6 (pp 3-32)
NO CLASS - Delayed Opening
 Wednesday C Station Eleven- Part 2, Chapters 7-12 (pp 35-67)
 Thursday B DROP DAY
 Friday A Station Eleven- Part 3, Chapters 13-18 (pp 71-115)

Week 4: Monday, September 24, 2018 - Friday, September 28, 2018
 Date   Agenda
 Monday  B  DROP DAY
 Tuesday A Trapped Under the Sea- Epilogue (pp 351-367)
 Wednesday G Trapped Under the Sea
 Thursday F Writing
 Friday E Writing

Week 3: Monday, September 17, 2018 - Friday, September 21, 2018
 Date   Agenda
 Monday  F  Trapped Under the Sea- Chapter 11 (pp 207-230)
 Tuesday E Trapped Under the Sea- Chapter 12 (pp 154-165); Read summary of Chapter 13
 Wednesday D Trapped Under the Sea- Chapter 14 (pp 273-315)
 Thursday C Trapped Under the Sea- Chapter 15 (pp 316-350)
NO SCHOOL - Professional Day

Week 2: Monday, September 10, 2018 - Friday, September 14, 2018
 Date   Agenda
 Monday  D  Neil Swidey's Trapped Under the Sea- Read Prologue and summaries of Chapters 1-7
 Tuesday C Trapped Under the Sea- Chapter 8 (pp 154-165)
 Wednesday B DROP DAY
 Thursday A Trapped Under the Sea- Chapter 9 (pp 166-184)
 Friday G Trapped Under the Sea- Chapter 10 (pp 185-206)

Week 1: Monday, September 3, 2018 - Friday, September 7, 2018
 Date   Agenda
 Monday   NO SCHOOL- Labor Day
 Tuesday A "Poem in a Cup" activity; Homework: "My Relationship with Reading" response (see Google Classroom)
Order a copy of Trapped Under the Sea for Monday's class
 Wednesday G "Poem in the Cup" continues; Reading articles; Homework: Read an article on reading posted in Google Classroom
 Thursday F Summer Reading Quiz; Homework: Read another of the articles on reading
 Friday E Discuss articles; Bring a copy of Trapped Under the Sea to class on Monday