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Comp. & Lit. Mid-year Project

Project Overview with Due Dates
Possible Book Titles (you are not limited to this list)

INITIAL STEP -- Due by Monday, October 19
  • Submit this form to get my approval for your book selection.
  • The following students have had their books approved:
    • Period E:  Andrew, Carolyn, Connor, Danielle, Dante, Emily, Jules, Kaitlyn, Karissa, Katie, Liam, Matt B., Matthew C., Matt R., Nick, Samantha, Spencer, Taylor, Teddy
    • Period G: Andrea, Andrew C., Anthony F., Anthony P., Cole, Courtney, Erin, Hunter, Josh, Leah, Marissa, Martina, Matt E., Max, Nick, Phil, Ryan, Sarah, Tori

STEP ONE -- Due by Thursday, October 22
  • In Google Classroom, submit the book title/author, a reading schedule, and a short written response explaining why you have chosen this book.
  • Scoring Rubric
Begin reading your book. While you are reading, take notes that you will use to create an outline for your oral presentation. Consider some the following elements when note-taking: 
1. Form of non-fiction – memoir, (auto)biography, true-life adventure, etc.
2. Subject matter 
3. Narrator/Speaker 
4. Purpose – inform, persuade, entertain, etc.
5. Tone
6. Writing style – narration, description, exposition, etc.
7. Intended reader 

STEP TWO -- Due by Tuesday, December 8
STEP THREE -- Due by Monday, January 11